Connected Cycle : The Connected bike enabling solution

Connected Cycle Solution

The Connected Cycle Solution is a solution fully dedicated for connecting bikes and eBikes with smartphones (iOS and Android). It provides protection capabilities and automatic activity tracking thanks to a GPS & GSM module located inside the bike.

Connected Cycle Application and electronic

Bike Theft Protection


When someone touches your bike, you receive a notification in your smartphone app, and so you can have a check at what is happening. As there is also a GPS with a GSM worldwide connection inside, you can display its position at any time, wherever your are.

Automatic Activity Tracking

On a daily basis, the pedal automatically records the speed, route, incline, and calories burned on each bike trip. These statistics are sent to the cloud, and made available to users through the Connected Cycle application available on smartphones (iOS and Android).

Speed, Calories, Path, Elevation tracking

Bike Specific Board

  • All-in-One : GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, Accelerometer
  • Included : SIM card with GPRS worldwide data plan
  • Specifically designed for bikes with low energy consumption
  • Included : backup battery that recharges itself throught the bike electric circuit
  • Compatible with all bikes and eBikes input voltage

Data Platform

All datas are collected by our high-availability and scalable Data Platform, through the global GSM connection. Our algorithms aggregate the datas, and compute from them your bike statitics, journeys, to provide you the most advanced visualization capabilities on your smartphone.

Awarded Solution

The Connected Cycle Solution has been unveiled for the first time at 2015 International CES, and gathered many awards since then.

La French Tech, Frenchtech
International CES 2015 in Las Vegas
La French Tech, Frenchtech
La French Tech, Frenchtech

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